Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association


The Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) is a non-profit organization that teaches and promotes Animal Reiki through mindful meditation practices. Our goal is to ensure better healing practices for shelter and sanctuary animals. We work closely with caregivers, veterinarians and volunteers to help create a positive healing space for all animals.

Introduction to Reiki

How It Helps Animals

“Reiki” means “spiritual energy” and refers to the energy that makes up all things in the universe. As a system of practice, Reiki was designed to further spiritual development by its creator, Mikao Usui. The modern-day practice of Reiki focuses on energetic healing, utilizing Japanese meditative practices and breathing techniques. The Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) has taken the practice of Reiki and applied it as holistic support of an animal's wellness program. Through mindful meditation practices, Reiki practitioners form an energetic “healing bridge,” providing animals with a support system for relaxation, self-healing and re-balance.

With the use of Animal Reiki, practitioners are able to provide a support system for animals.
Providing a positive space where they can relax, self-heal and re-balance.

Meet Dakota

Our Inspiration

SARA is dedicated to the memory of Dakota, Kathleen Prasad's beloved dog and the inspiration for Kathleen's work in the field of Animal Reiki.

Adopted by Kathleen from Sacramento County Animal Control in 1992, Dakota spent 16  1/2 years at Kathleen's side, even assisting in her early Animal Reiki classes. Although Kathleen initially thought that she was rescuing Dakota, given the way that using Reiki with animals changed the course of Kathleen's life, one may wonder: Who rescued who?

Adopt an animal from your local shelter. The perfect animal may just be waiting to rescue YOU, too!


2017 SARA Animal Reiki Retreat

Animals as Healers and Teachers

Animals have the power to help us reduce stress, improve focus and find balance in our chaotic lives. They also have an innate ability to open our minds and hearts to our inner healing potential. At this retreat, you will learn the secret to becoming more receptive to their healing wisdom. 


Reiki Meditation for Mussel and Oyster, 2 Sheltered Animals

Every week I am honored to be able to offer reiki meditation to the animals at Baltimore Humane Society and the past several weeks are no exception. Several of my sessions are spent with 2 adorable kittens that have Cerebellar Hypoplasia – they shake and wobble a lot due to

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Cleo’s Reiki Transformation

Cleo, the Rottweiler female was rescued 6 months ago from a situation full of abuse and aggression. Since the day she was rescued, she has been running around, barking furiously and losing weight.
When I met her, I sat in front of her kennel, and told her she was beautiful.

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Ready, Set, GLOW – Preparing for our Reiki Share with Glow Work

I pondered. What type of “homework” can I give my new Level I Animal Reiki students to keep them keeping on? You know what I mean. We’ve all been there. Take an invigorating class with a group of people all fired up to practice your newly

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