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Good-Bye To A Special Horse

Today one of the horses at the barn I volunteer at made his passing across the veil.  He had been suffering with a liver ailment for a few years and the past few weeks had been especially hard for Gus.  Today his liver failed completely so the choice was made to send him home.   I had not seen Gus for several weeks so I never got to say good-bye, but I will remember his spirit forever.

Tonight while in our SARA Reiki Circle meditation a white horse with wings flew across my inner vision with a ball of light bouncing and speeding along with this magical white horse.  The second I saw this picture in my mind I knew that this white horse was the horse who helped Gus across the veil and it was this ball of light that was Gus.  His true nature really shone through.  He was happy and through my sorrow at his loss I felt a deep inner joy.

After the meditation circle as I recalled the vision it reminded me when we offer Reiki how very important it is that we see the animal as their own true self, their inner bright light that they truly are.  They are not their illness, they are a magnificent, intelligent being full of light, we only need to see with eyes that look beyond the physical.

I so much appreciated what someone shared with me when she heard that Gus had passed.  She said, “Oh Suzanne, I am so sorry to hear about Gus but so brightened by the fact that he is running free tonight without any pain. I will look for him in the horse shaped clouds today.   Run free Gus!”

I will keep these words in my heart as I cry with sorrow and weep with joy for the horse that Gus was.  It reminded me again that loss really is only on one level, Gus lives within my heart and his light will guide me and show me the way in the days to come.  For this I am forever grateful.

Suzanne Pin
SARA Teacher

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  1. February 9, 2018

    Suzanne, what a beautiful gift you’ve shared with us. It’s clear Gus will always be with you and your vision is so powerful & so healing for you. Bless you and the support you have. Thank you for sharing…

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