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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

The Magic Of Remus

I returned from Remus Horse Sanctuary in Essex, England last week and I must say, there are just no words to describe this beautiful place. The animals at Remus have been rescued from the worst and at times heinous situations and conditions, yet after in a short amount of time you can see such a difference. They have learned to trust again, and they have begun to thrive.

When I first arrived at Remus I could feel a strong sense of peace and the animals were happy and the care that is given is excellent. The land is lovely and nothing is asked of the animals except that they be who they are. The employees and volunteers are friendly and the love in their service to the animals shines like a beacon of light.

Then Kathleen arrives on the scene and the magic truly begins! The three days of Shinpiden training begins and we are all transfixed with Kathleen and her teaching.

Kathleen’s pureness of heart and her life stories are the true teachings, and when it is finally time to leave we are all changed in ways we could never have foreseen.

For me, I learned to see the essence that goes beyond our own connection to the animals, it truly is a space of oneness that goes straight to the soul of who we really are, and in that moment for the first time I experienced and understood that that is the place where healing truly happens.

Remus will always remain in my heart as the place where the true magic of transformation into animal Reiki began. All the animals are so special, the land peaceful and the teachings transformational.

I sincerely thank Sue Burton of Remus for her sacrifice and dedication, and all the staff and volunteers that made our visit so wonderful. I will never forget you. Thank you all.

Suzanne Pin
SARA Teacher

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  1. September 27, 2017

    I agree with every single word you wrote, Suzanne. The pureness and the magic of Kathleen and Leah, of all people and animals present made me change on so many levels. I am so glad and grateful for the possibility I had to be there. Thank you all.

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