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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

The Three Diamonds Meditation

Today I was reminded about surrendering my conscious and at times subconscious personal agenda and my motives when working with animals, most especially when working with horses.

I was working with a horse that wanted his own way and wasn’t listening. When I first began offering Reiki to the horse I soon became conscious of what I was thinking about which was the issue at hand, when I realized I was out of my Reiki space I had created for the horse and myself. I was seeing the horse as separate with an issue instead of creating a space of Oneness of which there is no me, no horse, and no judgment, just a space of light and beautiful harmonious energy. Once I realized this I immediately changed directions. I began the Three Diamonds Meditation, that I must say is one of my favorite meditations, to get grounded and centered once again, connecting with the three Hara centers: Heaven energy; Earth energy; and Heart energy (the center of Oneness). Once I began this meditation working through each Hara center, beginning with the Earth, then Heaven, and then Heart, and back to the Earth Hara again, I became centered and was then able to once again move into the space of expanded Oneness.

The Three Diamonds Meditation creates unity and balance, which I so needed at that time. As Kathleen says in her book “Everything Animal Reiki: a simple guide to meditation with animals for healing”, “Grounding in the earth and letting ourselves expand into the sky allows us to remember our true natures.” This tool, the Three Diamonds Meditation, was the tool I needed today to regain my balance and remember my true nature; a Great Bright Light; creating a space of Oneness with an open heart, with no agenda, no judgment, and no ulterior motive, allowing peace and harmony to fill us both in the healing processes of our own journeys.

Entering into that space of Oneness, I was so filled with a strong feeling of gratitude and joy when the session finished, the feeling stayed with me for the rest of the day. I am forever grateful for the system of Reiki, the Three Diamonds Meditation, and the reflection of my own state of mind the horse had shown to me.

Suzanne Pin
SARA Practitioner/Teacher

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