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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Why holding the Reiki Space is a must for any Animal Reiki Practitioner

_MG_4235As my own Reiki Practice develops, I have become more interested in holding the Reiki space for the animals and less about the outcome of what is going to happen. I have been working with a horse at Remus called Marcus, who is petrified of humans. He lives happily at Remus in a field of Shetland ponies. Marcus is a beautiful black pony with a long flowing mane and glistening brown eyes. He stands out amongst the little Shetland ponies but you can easily see that he so wants to blend in with the other ponies, to be invisible would be his biggest wish.

On the day I am at Remus the weather is gorgeous.  I make my way down to the furthest field where Marcus is, I can feel the sun rays burning down on my shoulder. I make a point of finding a space, where I will be comfortable. This space happens to be in the middle of the field and there is a water bucket where, when seated I can support my back against the metal bucket. I have already decided that it is not about ‘doing’ but about ‘being’, so I may be in this position for a long time. Being comfortable is key as it allows me to have no distractions. On entering the field, I have been noticed by the horses they have lifted up their heads from eating the grass to see who I was but within a few minutes they had all settled down to grazing on the  grass.

Seated on the ground with my back against the water bucket I begin to breathe into my Hara and let the breath out slowly. I have emptied my mind of thoughts, attachments and just concentrate on my Reiki. The rays of the sun feel wonderful against my skin, the energy of the Reiki gently expands through the field. In the first hour nothing happens but that is ok, I had no expectations only to hold a Reiki space. There is something very magical about seemingly being invisible in a field of horses; it allows you to see the dynamics of the herd. Each horse has their own individual personality making them unique and very special. Another 45 minutes passes and then the ‘magic’ starts to happen. From a place of being invisible the Reiki beacon that I have created seems to shine even brighter so that the herd has become more attracted. They had seemed un-interested in Reiki but after an hour and 45 minutes they came over to where I was sitting. One by one they came to me and stood right in front of me. Some wanted to be touched and literally placed their heads on my shoulder. Some stood at a distance but in their own time each one came forward.

As Marcus approached I made a point to stay seated even though as Marcus got nearer I got a little flicker of fear because Marcus is a very skittish horse. I lowered my head and Marcus stood a little away from me. I could see from the corner of my eye that he was nervous but he stood quietly, I sat very quietly. After around 10 minutes he moved away and as I slowly lifted my head all of the horses were back to grazing as if nothing had happened. My interaction with Marcus was simple and if I had not offered him the space and the time to come forward I would not have seen Marcus offer a hoof of trust to this person who sat in front of him.

It is very liberating to attach nothing to an Animal Reiki session; it is very indulgent to be able to sit in the middle of a field on a summer’s day to just ‘be Reiki’. ‘Being and not doing’ is a must for any Animal Reiki Practitioner to truly understand the magic of Animal Reiki.

Kathleen Prasad taught me how to hold the Reiki space and it is the biggest gift we can offer to the animals we work with.

Jodie Brenner

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