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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Just For Today: Be Humble

Tina ReadOne of my clients is a beautiful dog of around 11 years of age who was a rescue dog in her earlier years, she is so regal in her appearance and energy and I always think of her as a Queen. She has an inner strength and dignity that shines through every cell of her being. Today on my third visit to share Reiki with her we connected on a new deeper level, this took me by surprise despite the fact I let go of outcome and expectation before a treatment.

This incredible girl and I were sharing the Reiki space and some issues came up for clearing, these were on a mental and emotional level and we have previously always worked on her physical body. There came a point where the energy felt so intense and the connection so deep that I felt drawn to acknowledge her true perfection and soul beauty and at this moment I visualised her in perfect health, looking joyful, free and full of energy and vitality. In truth this is how she appears to me in her physical form so it felt very natural and came from a place of complete love. There was a wave of deep emotion from her followed by so much love and gratitude and I felt her release some sadness as this is not the way she is seen by her family. I felt so humbled by her complete openness and we continued to hold this space of acceptance and compassion.

This is a gentle reminder to us that sometimes we, as guardians, unintentionally focus on our animals aging process and health issues, particularly if there is regular time spent at the Vets, seeing what our animals are no longer able to do and how they have slowed down. This wise and beautiful dog’s message to me was to live in the moment with gratitude and to make the most of each precious day we share together focusing on the joy and happiness we have right now before us.

Tina Read
SARA Teacher

Kathleen Prasad

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