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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Moon Mama and Her Openness To True Healing

Moon MamaOne of the incredibly brave and beauty full dogs at TOLFA, was Moon Mama, she had obviously had many litters of puppies and didn’t look very old herself, she was at TOLFA with wounds on her head, face and around one of her eyes and was being treated by the medical team. When I first saw her I had to take a deep breath and gently bring the precepts to mind.

Moon was a very shy girl and quiet and she would generally stay at the back of the kennel when we were working in her area, there was almost a sense that she wanted to disappear and not be seen at all. The inner pain she carried was easy to feel when I looked into her eyes and from that point I focused on her true beauty in every moment, seeing and sensing her being completely healed inside and out. I would sit outside her kennel and would open the healing bridge Reiki meditation with her, letting go of expectation and allowing the love and compassion to flow, she would curl up and relax into the Reiki and sometimes continue to sleep peacefully afterwards. As her confidence started to grow I went into her kennel and had a gentle cuddle with her too. We connected in this way most days and she released so much of her inner pain and I often felt the tears on my face during Reiki, she was so brave and it was such a beautiful and humbling experience to be part of her journey. This amazing being truly wanted to let go of her pain, her physical wounds and heal.

Moon Mama

Moon and I built up a special bond and so it was wonderful that a few days before I was due to leave TOLFA one of the nurturing volunteers, Margeurite, started to take her for a daily walk. The outing was through the local countryside and after initial apprehension Moon had a wonderful time in the sunshine and looked forward to her daily exercise and time with Margeurite. She had come such a long way in a short time and her confidence was visibly growing every day.

Moon Mama HealedWhen I landed at Heathrow the first message I received was from Margeurite with a photo of Moon after she had just given her a bath, which she had really enjoyed. I admit I shed a few happy tears at that moment and it was the best gift I could have received. Reiki continues distantly and it is wonderful to still have that connection of love with her and the other TOLFA animals. A week or two later another photo arrived of Moon looking beautiful and almost ready to be released back to her territory again, physically she looked so well and the pain in her eyes was no longer there. A true Reiki blessing.

Tina Read
Shelter Animal Reiki Association Teacher

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