Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Eden Koljord

Eden Koljord (pronounced Kuhl-yord) is a Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) Practitioner located in the Denver, CO Metropolitan Area. She is an Animal Reiki Practitioner and Animal Communication Specialist with over 10 years of experience. Eden is an ambassador for the International Animal Ministry at Lakewood, CO and a volunteer for the Horse Protection League (HPL) at Golden, CO. She offers long distance and in-person Animal Reiki treatments. Eden works with behavioral, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that inspire graceful partnership, healing, and radiant living between animals and their human companions. She teaches classes in Animal Reiki and Animal Communication.

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I am so thankful to Eden and her wonderful spirit for guiding us in this class. I will be back for more!
-Amanda Soper

Anyone who wants to aid or assist animals should absolutely dive into the Reiki pool of spiritual energy – exhilarating!
-Ellen Zachary

Eden’s style of teaching is very gentle. She demonstrates great respect for her students and the animals we are working with. Henceforth, she created a very comfortable space for learning.
-Sharon Crosby

Eden is an excellent teacher. She validates everyone’s contributions; makes it clear no question is insignificant; and shares appropriate amount of personal experiences. She is Reiki personified!
-Linda Cortes

I have felt so many emotions during these classes. Eden, Reiki with the horses, and our phenomenal class has brought me an awareness of feelings I had “stuffed” for a long time. This whole experience has been totally awesome! My heartfelt thanks for making animal Reiki and Eden available to us.
-Pat Spetz

Meditation is good for all – every day. Thanks, Eden!
-Terri Melander

Thank you so much for the opportunity to show me what Reiki is all about and how it flows wherever it needs to go.
-Annie Oden