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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Laura Thomas
Laura Thomas
SARA Teacher

Laura is a SARA teacher and practitioner in South Carolina.  She is available for in person and distant Reiki treatments, SARA Level I classes and speaking engagements. Laura enjoys working with all types of animals.  She is a lifelong animal lover and shares her farm with four horses, a donkey, a llama, three sheep, thirteen cats, three dogs and some chickens, most of whom are rescues.  Laura also is a owner/partner in a pet and farm sitting business serving her local area.

Articles by Laura Thomas

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Classes Taught by Laura Thomas

Shoden and Animal Reiki Training

Introduction to Animal Reiki/Meditations with Horses

Class Testimonials

“This class was very informative, interactive, and I feel very prepared to learn more and practice what I’ve learned.” -Joshua

“I think this is a great intro for those (like me) that have no previous experience.” -Tara

“Laura, you were insightful and interesting. Thank you for helping me expand my universe.” -Su