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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Victoria Kress

Victoria Kress is a Reiki Master Animal Reiki Practitioner/Teacher. Victoria has studied with Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source and Carol Gurney of the Gurney Institute for Animal Communication. Victoria volunteers with Guide Dogs for the Blind and Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary in the Portland, Oregon area. Victoria teaches animal Reiki classes at Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary. Zeb’s is a SARA sanctuary member. Victoria offers group and private classes as well as in-person and distance Reiki treatments.


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What Students Are Saying

This class was an exceptionally healing experience. I leave here feeling empowered to practice Reiki on myself, family, and animals. Thank you!
Katie Yablonsky, March 9, 2015

Victoria rocks! I’m coming back for Reiki Level 2.
Lorraine Kanaho, March  9, 2015

I found that the class gave me more insight on how to be more present in everyday life and to be grateful for what I have and who I am right  now.
Sandy Jones, March 9, 2015

Victoria is an amazing teacher. I will highly recommend anyone take a class with her. Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary is an amazing space to learn Reiki healing animals healing humans.
Lara, March 9, 2015

For me, the most valuable part of the class was to experience that everything is within myself and that I can heal myself. The class was a discovery journey all along. It was perfect.
Nancy F., May, 2014

Victoria’s explanation and examples were helpful, and I really benefited from the opportunity to practice and explore Reiki for myself and with others. The five precepts will be a wonderful tool for me to use everyday, as well as the meditations with animals.
Manami I., May 2014

I didn’t know what to expect from the class. It was amazing. Everything I learned was beneficial. Victoria and all the animals are wonderful teachers.
Sue L., July 2014

I loved working with the animals and learning new loving and gentle healing techniques and using them on the beautiful rescue animals who give back as well as receive in this sacred space.
Debra C., July 2014

I really love how Victoria handles the concepts and her ability to translate the concepts into real-life stories and examples. I love having this class here.
Suzi C., Director, Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary, July 2014

I love the meditation practices and how Victoria created the Reiki space and applied the practices so that we could use them to connect with the animals. This was a wonderful day, beautiful people, animals, and space.
Lauri S., July 2014