Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Reiki for Joyce

When I arrived at the shelter I immediately went to the kennel side and one of the caretakers asked me to help Joyce “who is very nervous.” She was in the visiting room which is away from the other dogs. As I entered, Joyce was very excited and alert. Her senses were heightened from all of the noise in and around the kennel, so it felt felt right to go into a chant (in Japanese) meditation of the 5 Reiki Precept.

Today Only ~

Do not anger
Do not worry
Be grateful
Practice diligently
Show compassion to yourself and others

Joyce acknowledged that she wanted to receive the Reiki healing. She had moments of relaxation as well as moments of movement around the room. These are common signs that the animal is receiving the healing energy which will go where it needs to go. My responsibility was to be present holding that healing space for her with no expectations, and trust the Reiki energy! I had to remind myself of that frequently due to the heavy traffic of people passing the room. Joyce could look out the window to see the people and other animals walking by. Once I relaxed and just held the Reiki space for whatever Joyce needed (and stopped worrying about trying to hold the camera! ), Joyce started to relax.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be there for the animals and to always be reminded by them what it means to be present and just be Reiki. This particular session, I felt my higher self also reminding me, which is one of the signals that led me to chant for her (and for myself!). What a wonderful time with her and for her! Oh, also this has led me to connect with a friend of mine that hopefully can join me next time and do the filming! Stay tuned 🙂

Dulsanea Naedek
SARA Practitioner

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