Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association


We are a worldwide grassroots organization dedicated to improving the lives of rescued animals and their caregivers.

At the heart of our work is the proprietary Let Animals Lead® method of meditation that relieves stress in rescued animals. Our method teaches people how to hold space for animals in an open compassionate way that inspires peace and trust in the animals they care for. Since our inception in 2008, our highly trained members have brought peace and calm to thousands of animals in hundreds of shelters, sanctuaries and rescues around the world.

It is our vision that peace is possible in every moment, and we bring this peace into being through our unique and specialized meditation practice, tailored to be gentle enough for every animal, no matter their species, background or sensitivity.


This method of meditation helps us let go of anger, worry, fear and stress to uncover our best self – one that is peaceful, grateful, compassionate and in harmony with others. Animals respond positively when we are peaceful through meditation. Kathleen Prasad, the world’s renowned expert on Animal Reiki, created the Let Animals Lead® approach, which incorporates proprietary meditative techniques which have profoundly impacted the lives of both rescued animals their caregivers around the globe.

Kathleen Prasad’s Let Animals Lead® method offers the world’s most ethical, powerful and safe approach to offering Animal Reiki to animals. This method is hands-off, meditation based and animal-led.  Our highly trained members all follow the same ethics, approach and professionalism.



The Offer of a Paw – The Ultimate Show of Trust

It was our final Reiki meditation of the day and a storm was brewing. Gretchen and I settled in, offering Reiki to both her dogs. Bindi wandered around a bit, stopped, and offered Gretchen her front paw. It was beautiful to see Bindi stand there with her paw in Gretchen’s

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The Year End Gift of the Bison

As 2020 comes to an end, I have been reflecting on the good that came to me during the difficult past months. What we focus on grows stronger so I have been choosing to turn my attention to my blessings instead of what I always felt that I lacked.

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From Growls to Belly Rubs – Reiki to the Rescue

Bruno is loving walks and belly rubs these days. And he took his freedom ride to his foster home this past weekend! For months, Bruno cowered in the back of his kennel at the shelter, growling at staff. He had been there almost six months, surrendered for killing a chicken

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