Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

SARA Founder Kathleen Prasad and Amanda Ree from Sama Dog go live on Facebook on #WorldAnimalReikiDay for this special celebration of our animal teachers and healers!

To watch the full recording, CLICK HERE.

Maureen Petras honoring all the animals at Grass Valley Animal Control Shelter in California for #WorldAnimalReikiDay.

Karen Kenney celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay with the animals of HuckleberryCottage707.

Lori Charett sharing Reiki with Red at Montgomery County Animal Care and Adoption Center for #WARD.

Cats relaxing with Reiki at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in Pennsylvania with Energy Medicine Reiki.

Tiffany Goodger-Kneeland‎ celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay at Integrative Veterinary Service in Wisconsin.

Patti Andrasak sharing Reiki with the animals of Dutchess County SPCA for #WARD.

Sarah Hauser sharing Reiki with Marlee and Scratch at Barc No-Kill Shelter in Brooklyn, New York for #WorldAnimalReikiDay.

Jamie Lee preparing for her #WARD celebration at Barx Parx in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gingas, Carly Jo, Momma Kitten, and Lulu enjoying Reiki with Sarah Hauser at Bideawee Adoption Center in New York.

Kathleen Prasad celebrates #WorldAnimalReikiDay with Henry, Kodiak, Kyle, and Vincent at Cadence Farm in Sonoma, CA.

Sharing Reiki with the cats of Contra Costa Animal Services in Martinez, CA for #WARD.

Gabriella Culpepper celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay with Mister Tibbons in Tulsa, OK.

A #WorldAnimalReikiDay celebration at Grupo de Voluntários de Reiki em Animais in Portugal.

Kelly McDermott and the volunteers at Homeward Bound sharing Reiki for #WARD.

Joannie Nyman Loobey repping her #WorldAnimalReikiDay hoodie and sharing Reiki.

Aileen Naismith relaxing with the animals of Lamont Farm Project for #WARD.

Joshua and Sophia enjoying Reiki at Larimar Arts Reiki.

Meredithe Smith enjoying #WARD with her animals.

A pup named Daisy, Angela Wainright with her dog, and Tiger Eye Energy Healing sharing Reiki with horses.

Amber, Candy, Katie, Dave, and the other animals of Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary enjoying Reiki for #WorldAnimalReikiDay.

Sharing Reiki at Rescue Village for #WARD.

Samantha Roe celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay with Wolfie the lion.

Kelly McDermott enjoying #WARD with the animals of The Hooved Animal Sanctuary.

Sharing a Reiki session at TOLFA in India for #WorldAnimalReikiDay.

Volunteers at Hay Burr Inn on #WorldAnimalReikiDay.