Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

SARA Member Jean Nesta-Berry celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay with the beautiful horses of Duchess Sanctuary in OR!

SARA Teacher Bill Stevens celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay with Reiki friends and the wonderful animals of Monmouth County SPCA, New Jersey!

SARA Member Tejas Oundhakar celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay in Bahrain! What a beautiful camel.

SARA Member Allison Chun celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay with some wonderful people and the special animals at Haku Baldwin Center in Maui, HI!

SARA Teacher Karren O'Sullivan celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay in Tulsa, OK!

SARA Teacher Jeanne Clune celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay with the beautiful animals and people of SPCA Westchester NY!

SARA Member Maureen Petras celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay with us from Grass Valley Animal Control Shelter in CA.What beautiful animals!

SARA Teacher Liz Wassell and Reiki friends celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay with us from Ulster County SPCA in New York! Love the rainbow colors of your shirts.

SARA Member Fukui Rie celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay with us from Japan!

Susan Leonard Geiss and friends (wow 23 in all!) sharing #WorldAnimalReikiDay with the wonderful animals of Save the Horses in Georgia!

Check out these wonderful photos from #WorldAnimalReikiDay with SARA members Joannie Nyman-Loobey and Cathy OBrien at the Humane Society Vallejo!

SARA Teacher Aileen Naismith celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay in Scotland with the beautiful animals of the Glendrick Roost Animal Welfare Center!

Thanks to everyone who came out to BrightHaven in northern CA to celebrate #WorldAnimalReikiDay!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Rutland County Humane Society to participate in #WorldAnimalReikiDay!

Celebrating #WorldAnimalReikiDay with the cats and other animals at the wonderful Feline Care Cat Rescue!

#WorldAnimalReikiDay at Foothill Farms Veterinary Hospital. 25 complimentary treatments, raffles and more!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Leah D'Ambrosio's #WorldAnimalReikiDay Event at Zeb's Wish Sanctuary in Oregon!