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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

A Reiki Share with the Horses

Reiki Share at Ivelolharele Retirement SantuarySharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge.  ~Ana Monnar

This quote highlights the purpose of a Reiki Share.  It is a time to get together with like-minded people to share our experiences, to learn from each other and to practice and share Reiki with each other and with the animals.  We support each other and grow together in Reiki.

I host a regular Reiki Share for my Animal Reiki students.  We get together every six weeks or so; sometimes we offer Reiki to each other, and other times we take a field trip to offer Reiki to the animals.  On June 9, 2013, we met at Ivelolharele Retirement Sanctuary in Chilton, Wisconsin, to share an afternoon of Reiki with the horses and donkeys.  Everyone had many wonderful Reiki experiences; and I have two that I would like to share.

Smokey and Buddy

Offering Reiki to BuddyTwo of my newer students asked for some guidance as we began the afternoon.  So, we went together to offer Reiki to Smokey and Buddy who were sharing a small pasture near the house.  These two sweet horses along with some other sweet spirits taught my students about just “Being Reiki” and letting go of what might happen.  We sat outside the fence overlooking the countryside.  After I guided us in creating a Reiki space and inviting Smokey and Buddy to join us, we sat in the beautiful healing energy.  Smokey and Buddy moved around a bit as they grazed, but stayed a few feet away sharing the energy with us.

I think my students were hoping the horses would move closer and stand more directly in front of us, but Smokey and Buddy wanted us to have a different experience.  As we sat there in this quiet space, some birds in the evergreen tree next to us moved closer and began chirping very loudly; they were making sure that we knew they had joined us in the energy.  Some insects also joined us, flying in and crawling on our notepads.

Ann and SadieAnd at one point, I happened to look over to my right where Sadie, a very sweet donkey, had been grazing nearby; she was looking at us very intently and quietly connecting with us.  After we finished, the owner of the sanctuary, Jody, shared that as she was taking pictures, she noticed that the cats in the house had all congregated at the window just behind us; they too were connecting with us.  Wow, what a great learning experience for all of us.  If we create a Reiki space and invite all of the animals to connect with us, we are able to assist not only those that we intend to work with, but also any others who may choose to join us.


Ann and CzielloFor our second practice session, I was inspired to spend time with the horses in the barn.  Yoda and Mikey were in their stalls next to each other, and Cziello was across the aisle.  I had worked with Yoda in the past, so I stood in the middle of the aisle facing Yoda and invited all three horses to join me in the Reiki space.  Yoda knew why I was there and stayed at the front of his stall often reaching his head out toward me; he was very sweet and open to the energy.  Just as I was about to move closer to Yoda, he moved back in his stall, and I immediately felt something warm over my left shoulder.  I looked back, and there was Cziello extending his head as far as he could toward me, almost brushing his muzzle against me.  I turned around to face Cziello and moved right in front of him placing my hands under his muzzle. He continued looking directly at me; he would push his muzzle into my hands; he would lift his head and smile; and he would cock his head to one side.  I just stood there mirroring his movements and sharing the moment with him.  Thank you to Cziello for this wonderful experience and for sharing such a beautiful and peaceful connection with me.

I am grateful for all of the wonderful people I have met who share my passion for supporting the well-being of animals through Reiki.  I look forward to our Reiki Shares when we have the opportunity to get together, to experience Reiki and to share and learn and grow together.  And I thank the animals for connecting with us, teaching us and guiding us on our Reiki journeys.

Thank you everyone who joined us at Ivelolharele Retirement Sanctuary – it was an amazing afternoon sharing Reiki with the horses!

Ann Noyce

Kathleen Prasad

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