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a small brown and white cat yawning

A Rescued Cat Overcomes His Fear of People

SARA Practitioner Deanna Sava shares a little background on the video:

“I don’t remember Stuart’s whole story, but he came into The Buddy Foundation with socialization issues. He was feral or semi-feral. Volunteers have been spending a lot of time trying to socialize him and they discovered that he loves to be brushed. He was okay when other cats came up to his cage–even when his cage door was open so he could roam around the large cat area if he wanted to. However, he only tentatively came out after most of the volunteers left and it became really quiet. He recently started to come out of his cage when the volunteers were around, but as soon as anyone walked toward or past his cage, he would run back into it. 

One night I sat on the floor very close to his cage and greeted him, then I started sharing the Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki with him. Amazingly, he not only came out of his cage, but he walked right past me and walked a short distance from his cage. 

One of the volunteers took a video of this to show his progress to the other Buddy volunteers, and I thought it would also be beneficial to share this with SARA. Stuart is the one who decided to overcome his fears, and Reiki was there to support him and all the efforts of the other volunteers at The Buddy Foundation.”

Leah D'Ambrosio

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