Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

A Valuable Reiki Lesson From A Horse Named Joe

Momma, a 14 year old Thoroughbred, is usually my first stop to offer Animal Reiki on my weekly visit to Changing Leads Equine Rescue. She’s usually waiting for me, but for today she declined. I was surprised and slightly disappointed, but I honored her wishes.

I walked to the other side of the barn to a different pasture to see if Joe, a 21 year old Paint/Pinto, and/or Visa, an Arabian, would like some Animal Reiki. As I was walking towards the pasture, I noticed Joe was waiting for me close to the gate. As I approached, he lifted up his right forelock to show me that the flies were bothering him. I went to apply fly spray on him, and proceeded to offer him Animal Reiki with his permission.

Within minutes, he sighed deeply and went into a Reiki nap as I stood five feet from him. Visa decided to join us ten minutes later by placing herself shoulder to shoulder with Joe, standing in the opposite direction. Throughout the next 30 minutes, Joe was completely oblivious to Visa’s constant motion of getting the flies off of her, even though she was just inches from him. I found myself becoming worried and frustrated that she may wake him up from his Reiki nap from her constant stomping, shaking, and swishing of her tail to get the flies off. I knew that she was accepting Reiki, too, because her eyes were closed and she licked her lips from time to time.

As the minutes went by, I found myself wanting to be like Joe, a calm presence to other’s irritations. I began to silently chant the Reiki symbols to myself to help stay in the Reiki space. My worries and frustration shifted into amazement and calmness. Tears streamed down my face as I realized that I can be like Joe.

His lesson to me was to take care of my own irritations, ground myself with Reiki, then the realization of others’ irritations will be around you but to zero affect to you. When we stand in our truth of who we are, we accept others as who they are. THANK YOU JOE!

Camille Pukay
Animal Reiki Divine, LLC
Animal Reiki Teacher/Practitioner
SARA Teacher

Kathleen Prasad

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