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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

An Unexpected Reiki Gift from a Ball Python

I had an incredible experience on January 11th, 2009 when my husband and I attended an event called “Eagle Days” in Smithville, Missouri, to learn about bald eagles. The first thing that I saw when we entered was a snake exhibit and my usual response is to pivot and head in the opposite direction whenever I see a snake! But for some reason, I headed straight towards it!

It may be because an eleven year old girl was standing there with a ball python wrapped around each of her wrists. After many questions, I found out she had visited the day before, and the volunteers noticed how natural she was with the snakes and had asked her to help out the following day. Amazing but true!

As we were talking, a four-year old boy came up and asked her if he could hold one. He did, and handed it back to her. Before I knew what was happening, the words “I know that I’m not a kid but can I hold one too?” came out of my mouth. She replied, “Sure”, and told me to cup my hands together. My husband was standing near me with an “Are you kidding me?” look on his face but I ignored him as I was embracing my fears!

As the four foot ball python curled up in my hands, his tongue flicked around my heart center. Within seconds, I somehow went into a peaceful trance and all of the commotion around me completely disappeared. What I experienced was beyond what words can describe. I was in a different dimension that enveloped me with tranquility and filled me up with tremendous unconditional love in every cell of my body.

Within minutes of holding him, I came back to the present; his head was resting on my heart space literally inches from my face. I was completely startled, but at the same time I was absolutely stunned at what he had shared with me. He was a master teacher in a four foot long snake body sharing with me his wisdom of the Reiki energy. Thanks to him I have a new respect toward snakes that I have never had before!

Camille Pukay
SARA Practitioner/Teacher

Kathleen Prasad

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