Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Association for the Protection of Abandoned Dogs

I have been an Animal Reiki Volunteer in a Dog Shelter in Portugal, APCA-Association for the Protection of Abandoned Dogs, for two and a half years, on a weekly base

During this time, I had many fantastic experiences which allowed me to conclude that these animals are very gentle and they love Reiki.

Some of these dogs live in the same space, therefore, when I am giving Reiki to a dog, immediately the rest of them join us, lying down and absorbing that harmonious energy.

In this place, it would be rather difficult to take the dogs out of their “homes” to give them Reiki, so the session is made with our knees on the ground or on the place they sleep. Sometimes, with another animal hanged in our back.

However, despite these conditions, it is the most beautiful experience, where the hearts of two different species are connected with a very intense feeling.

I believe this is unconditional love.


The interest in Animal Reiki is growing in our country, also due to the work of Portuguese Reiki Association and its Volunteer Group.

We celebrated the World Animal Reiki Day, with a Dog Walk with the animals of APCA Shelter where we joined 55 people, many of them were teenagers and children, who were very happy to participate in this event.


Located in the beautiful Sintra, with its fantastic landscapes, it is very easy to find great paths, which remind us an Enchanted Forest.

The contact with Nature and the birds singing, provides us an intense sensation of peace.


Since the begining of March, another volunteer joined me, to give Reiki to these wonderful dogs- Patricia.

We created a page called Reinimal, on which we publish some articles related to Animal Reiki.

We also want people to know our activities at APCA, and the stories we live with their animals, so, we write regularly the Kennel Chronicles, which are published by the Portuguese Reiki Association and by Reinimal.

We were invited to organize a Dog Walk with a teenager class of Reiki 1 students, with ages between 11 and 16 years old.  This Walk took place on the 18th June, and all the people involved loved not only the dogs and the place, but specially the small Reiki Session given to all of them.


To conclude, I would like to congratulate APCA- Association for the Protection of Abandoned Dogs for its work in protecting this dogs, giving them shelter, food, vaccines, electronic identification, finding them a home where they can be finally loved.

This Association, as many others throughout Portugal and the world is an example of dedication and makes an incredible work with the resources they have.

They make a difference in the life of all the dogs that have already been adopted.

Fátima Velho
SARA Friend

Kathleen Prasad

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