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Baby Reindeer – Passage into Spirit

Friends of mine are licensed to raise reindeer on their farm. I was called one day regarding a baby reindeer having difficulty in breathing and not eating or drinking. On arrival at the barn I found the baby reindeer in a small pen, barely standing on skinny, wobbly legs, wheezing and shaking badly. My friend indicated that the veterinarian had seen the baby reindeer and could not come up with a diagnosis at that time. I went into the pen and offered reiki to the baby reindeer.

Baby reindeerThe baby reindeer turned to look at me, but did not seem to mind my presence in its “space.” In a short time the baby reindeer’s breathing became much more regular, the shaking stopped and the animal began to eat and drink. As the treatment progressed, the other reindeer in the herd, including the baby reindeer’s mother and father, turned and focused their attention on us. I intuited that they sensed the spirituality of the treatment.

Sadly, my friend called later during the week to tell me the baby reindeer had passed. She advised that the veterinarian had performed an autopsy and discovered a large hole in the baby reindeer’s heart; a fatal flaw without recovery. My friend told me that, although the baby reindeer was apparently destined to die, the Reiki treatment provided the animal with relief, comfort and renewed interest in eating and drinking. She believed that the Reiki treatment greatly facilitated the baby reindeer’s transition into spirit and thanked me for being able to offer it.

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