Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Flowing Right Into It

When i entered the cat room during one of my recent visits at the Restigouche SPCA, i noticed a new face, a good looking boy, orange & white in color and he was immediately interested at the presence I brought to the room. As I walked by his space I put my hand against the bars and introduced myself. I explained I was there to offer Reiki, and that Reiki simply was sharing good vibes that can bring peace & calm and helps us feel good.

Reiki is normally a hands on practice however with animals being already very sensitive to energy, the Let Animals Lead® approach is respectful of that. Reiki in shelters is the perfect example of how animal Reiki does not need to be hands-on and my new friend showed me just that. Lets face it, when the door to the kennel opens, they are thrilled to get a chance out. If you reach in they may back up and feel threaten. Restraining an animal could make them feel stressed and that is NOT Reiki. I will offer this energy healing vibe and let the animal decide how little or as much they want to accept.

I settle at my usual spot, sitting along the back wall, i centered myself & connected to the energetic space of Reiki by going within & meditating. Creating a calming space within has a rippling effect, a peaceful vibe that animals are attracted to. If you have pets at home i encourage you to test this out, create a meditative space and see if your animal will join you.

Once I’m in my zone, i noticed my new friend was busy licking and washing himself.  You might believe that it’s just that, washing and licking, but in energetic terms, this may be a healing reaction. This simply means he’s cleaning out his old energy. He continued for well over 30 mins. Then i noticed his stare, almost in a trance like state showing signs of relaxing. He eventually closed his eyes and slowly laid his head down. By the end on the hour he was totally laid out on his side, in a state of profound peace, calm and relaxation.  It was beautiful to see him ease his way into the healing flow of the Reiki session.

The whole room was cool, calm and collected. All anxiety or stress that was previously  in the room felt lifted away.  Reiki has a way of bringing a sensation of peace within but this same sensation can also be felt in the space.  Reiki in shelters is a special experience and can be beneficial to many who are present.

Julie Blaquiere
SARA Practitioner

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  1. Linda Coulombe
    July 31, 2019

    What a beautiful read!!!!

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