Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Get Down (on the) Sidewalk Reiki for Animals

After several unsuccessful attempts to introduce reiki into my local animal shelter I was frustrated. I so wanted to offer the healing benefits of Reiki to the shelter pets – what to do? Divine intervention took over.

In my local food store was a flyer for Homeward Bound, a local dog rescue organization that “showed” their pets on the sidewalk in front of the local PetsMart. I decided to give it a whirl, went to the next showing, approached the registration table, introduced myself to Tamara (the manager) and asked – Can I offer Reiki to these dogs? There will be no charge. I want to help these dogs get adopted.

“What is Reiki?”, she asked, “and what can it do for these dogs?”

I gave the explanation and the manager was all for it. “I don’t know anything about Reiki but if it can help these dogs, go for it.”

So, my wife (also a Reiki Master) and I proceeded to do the work. As we worked we gathered small crowds of potential adopters, Homeward Bound personnel, PetsMart customers and onlookers. What we did not know right away was all the dogs were fostered and their foster “parents” were in the crowd.

After several of the dogs were treated the foster parents introduced themselves and said they were amazed at the behavior and other positive changes that were taking place right before their eyes. In addition, Tamara also observed the changes in the dogs and asked if we could come next week.

Reiki proved itself. We were in!

George Belev

Kathleen Prasad

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