Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Growing as Ethical Animal Reiki Practitioners and Teachers

After my beloved cat, Chloe, transitioned in 2014, I became a self-taught animal energy worker by reading books and watching videos. Then, a friend told me about human Reiki shares, so after going to those shares for a little while I started my own Reiki training. I don’t remember how or when I discovered Animal Reiki and SARA, but it was a life changer.

The traditional Japanese method of Reiki, specifically Animal Reiki, took hold of me and I knew that this was my task. I approached my local animal shelter about offering Reiki there, back and forth on a number of phone calls. It was a long process, but finally I actually got through to the dog coordinator and I was able to get into the shelter to offer Reiki.

After about a year of volunteering there the shelter became an organizational member of SARA. There is a mission in all that SARA has to offer. I feel that SARA is a hub for us to become re-energized so we can continue to support the animals, staff, and volunteers in shelters.

Through SARA, I know I’m not alone on this path! I just can’t say enough about how grateful I am for the opportunity that SARA provides so we can continue to learn and grow as ethical Animal Reiki practitioners and teachers. We need SARA, more Reiki practitioners, and teachers. We need SARA, and SARA needs our support as well.

In January 2017 I started teaching Animal Reiki classes. This past Saturday, I taught another level one for people that were human Reiki masters, and I always  get the same reactions. They love the Intro to Reiki, Animal Reiki PowerPoint presentations, and the traditional Japanese techniques. They love learning more about getting the energy moving rather than getting rid of negative energy, the idea of staying interconnected, and just the whole idea of animals guiding us. It just gives them a whole different perspective of what Animal Reiki is, and they really, really appreciate it. They end up loving it more than the Reiki they learned in human Reiki. I keep getting that response over and over again.

I want to thank you Kathleen and Leah.

Deanna Sava
SARA Practitioner

Leah D'Ambrosio

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