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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Healing Puddin’

Puddin’ is a five year old male Calico cat adopted from a local animal shelter. The first time I met Puddin’ he was having a tough day. He had recently injured both front paws in an unexplained accident, losing several claws and bleeding intermittently. He had become skittish, would not allow anyone to touch his paws and had become unresponsive to his care person’s commands.

Puddin also had issues with veterinarians. When he sensed that’s where he was headed he growled, hissed, fussed and could not (and would not) be handled. In addition, his care person indicated that she was going through a very stressful time in her life, having recently moved into the house, agreed to foster a therapy dog candidate and changed jobs. She explained that Puddin’s behavior was adding to the already high level of stress she was experiencing.

I gave Puddin’ a Reiki treatment immediately to boost his immune system and help with the healing of his front paws. Over the next couple of weeks I visited Puddin’ and gave him regular treatments. He took Reiki from a distance but gradually moved closer to me. However, Puddin moved around the room from hiding place to hiding place, although I could tell he was accepting the flow of energy. When he came out from these places, and looked me in the eye, I could tell the treatment was over.

A few weeks later his care person asked me to give Puddin a treatment so she could bring him to the veterinarian for necessary shots and examinations. She was very apprehensive. During that visit Puddin took quite a lot of Reiki energy for his highest good. He became quiet and relaxed during the treatment. His person reported that Puddin was a perfect gentleman at the veterinarian, allowing him to be examined without fuss.

George C. Belev
Reiki Master Teacher
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Healing Touch for Animals Certified Practitioner
Pet/Massage Instructor
Certified Pet Care Technician
Certified Pet Sitter

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