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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Help From A Caterpillar

Waking up early on a Sunday morning in Stockton, MO on a camping trip, I told my husband that I had wanted to see the water pier by taking a walk. He was very surprised, since I was three and a half months pregnant experiencing constant morning sickness. But this morning I was determined to go, even if I had to walk at a snail’s pace.

During the walk, there were literally hundreds of butterflies flittering nearby, as well as lots of caterpillars crossing our path. I had to sit down on the ground every now and then to catch my breath, and to regain my center of gravity before I returned to my goal of seeing that water pier!

Within a half an hour, we were able to sit on a huge stone to enjoy the water pier scenery. We made it! WOO-HOO!

On the way back, I thought to myself, “I wonder if caterpillars like Reiki.” I placed my index finger on the ground with the intention of offering Reiki to anyone who had wanted it, while sitting down on the side of a country road. A light pale green hairless caterpillar with purple diamonds along his back crawled onto the top of my finger and curled up. I immediately went into a deep meditation trance….felt stirring in every cell of my body and pure happiness.

When I awoke, I was full of giddiness and energy! As I stood up, I felt taller and happier. I literally skipped back to the campsite! I may have added a few dance steps as well! The caterpillar helped me! I was absolutely floored that a one-inch being would be so willing to help a human being feel better through the power of Reiki! AMAZING!

Yes, I thanked the caterpillar profusely after I got over my amazement!

Camille Pukay

Kathleen Prasad

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