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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

It’s His Ears!

Three of us used to meet at Guide Dogs for the Blind once a month and offer Reiki to the dogs in training. The dogs that the organization selected for Reiki treatments would have a particular issue, physical, behavioral, or emotional.

I was fairly new to Reiki—still feeling my way with the energy. I was happy just being able to feel the Reiki energy flowing, hoping somewhere along the line to get more of an intuitive feeling about an animal’s actual situation. I knew something was happening, however, by the reactions of the animals during the sessions.

The other person in our trio, I’ll call Bea, had more experience working with Reiki and with animals than I. The third person, Kathleen Prasad, had much more experience. She was, in fact, my animal Reiki teacher.

On this one particular day, a dog was brought in to us because he was exhibiting a lot of stress during mealtimes. When most of the dogs were barking and dancing about in anticipation of their coming meals, this dog was whimpering in a corner. The dog would eat once all the noise and chaos of mealtime had passed. We were asked to offer Reiki to the situation.

At the end of the Reiki session with the dog, the three of us shared what we had felt or experienced. I reported out that I felt tightness in my chest. I felt that the dog was very anxious around mealtimes. This, of course, was already a known fact. I was just happy to have felt it! Bea reported that she felt his anxiousness was around all the barking at mealtimes only. All other times he was a happy camper. Kathleen, our experienced teacher, said, “It’s his ears! All the barking is hurting his ears, that’s why he’s in the corner whimpering.”

Oh my gosh! It was amazing to me how much clearer my teacher’s vision was of what was going on with the dog. Here I was, new to Reiki and to opening up my intuition and all I felt was the anxiousness. Bea, with more experience than I, but not as much as my teacher, narrowed the anxiousness down to the barking. Our teacher nailed it precisely. This experience brought home to me the real need to keep doing my personal meditation practice, keep opening, and keep offering Reiki to others. This combination, I knew, would gradually help me be more effective in helping animals heal.

Post script: the dog was put in a quiet room with earplugs during mealtime and the problem was completely solved! Thank you Kathleen Prasad for your dedication to the animals and your awesome teachings, and thank you Reiki!

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