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Leaving Our Comfort Zone

I’ve been walking outside those days, thinking and meditating about changes each of us has to face during this life. I wasn’t thinking if they are good or bad for us, if we must learn from them something or not, but about our approach to them.

Often, when our still reference points disappear, we feel lost, sad and frightened. And we are quite worried about our future. It’s human and it’s normal, I guess.

And still – each of us left our comfort zone at least once in our life. For nine months we all slept in our mother’s womb, feeling safe and warm, listening to the rhythm of her heart beating…and then..

When a farmer sows seeds in autumn, they sleep until spring, deep inside the earth, the same way we all did..

Changes must happen, life is love and love is energy and energy is movement and changes..

And then a butterfly came to my mind. What a wonderful example of changes! The life of the butterfly consist in 4 metamorphosis stages – an egg- a caterpillar- a pupa and an adult butterfly.

And, with his help, I just wrote down the meditation below about metamorphosis, about how we may feel during the “in between” phase and I would love to share it with anybody may need it. With anybody that may feel momentarily lost (physically, mentally, spiritually and so on).

My intention was to emphasize the acceptance of the moment “when one door has already closed and another one hasn’t opened fully yet”.

Hope it may help you.

With love and gratitude

Joanna Amicucci
SARA Teacher

Metamorphosis Meditation

“Sit indoors or stand outside in a comfortable position, spine straight, shoulders and arms relaxed. Eyes remain open and in soft-focus. Place your hands over your lower belly. Relax your entire body as you breathe deeply a few times.

See yourself sitting under the wonderful tree. Feel its energy and strength. While watching it you notice a caterpillar going up the trunk. His movements are slow and calm. He is in peace. Suddenly, the caterpillar stops and you see him weaving a cocoon. It’s beautiful, all made of golden and silver strings. You see the caterpillar disappearing inside the cocoon.

Now, you find yourself inside the cocoon. You are the caterpillar. It doesn’t matter how you perceive yourself now, it doesn’t matter what you think about being a caterpillar. It’s so warm and dark inside the cocoon and you fell completely safe inside. You are breathing slowly and just resting.

Suddenly, you start to perceive the vibrating energy of life outside the cocoon. You hear voices of the birds singing, you feel movement and love of all beings outside. You feel it all inside you and you are thrilled. With every breath you take you feel more energy and more life inside you. The cocoon is too small for you and you know you have to leave it. You cannot remain inside any longer, its role is over. You are a little bit confused, but you feel the unknown force that is pushing you outside. You are not afraid, deep inside you know that that’s the way the things must go. The cocoon will always make a part of you, but its role is over now and you have to leave behind you everything that’s of no use for you anymore. The new chapter is waiting for you. It must be written.

You take a deep breath, say “thank you” to the cocoon with love and break it. And the cocoon is going into pieces and falling apart. See the sun shining on you, feel the light wind that coddles your body. You are observing the world around you. You have already seen it before, with the eyes of the caterpillar. But now, you notice many new details, you perceive the beauty of everything around you. Watch it and observe it, with your new eyes, with your new you.

All the things that you perceive, they have always been here, but now you are changed so you can notice them.

You can feel wonderful wings growing from your back. You watch them, amazed. What color are they? Are there any designs? They are marvelous.

With another deep breath, just open your wonderful wings and fly.. Fly towards the new chapter of your life with joy, faith and love.. Fly towards the unknown and just be the part of One..”

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  1. Amy Tefft
    August 30, 2018

    Gratitude for this beautiful Metamorphosis Meditation, Joanna! It is ever timely. Thank you and your Butterfly animal teacher.
    Bright Blessings,

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