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Lessons From a Moose

Living where I do I have many opportunities to get out in nature.  I like to walk late in the day in hopes of catching the deer or a fox. Every once in a while, the wildlife comes to me.

The MooseBack in the fall I was in my kitchen preparing to go out for the day. When I turned toward the window I was startled to see a full grown moose staring in at me! He was beautiful against the autumn leaves, sporting a full rack and looking for all the world like he belonged there.  My kitchen window is half a floor up so you can get an idea of his height.

Thrilled, I called for my husband then ran furiously around the house trying to locate my camera or cell phone. It’s been my experience that these things are never handy in such a situation.  I have missed photographing a bear and a bobcat looking for that elusive camera!

Meanwhile, my husband was standing at the kitchen window, keeping an eye on our visitor. He was totally enjoying the moment. That’s because he doesn’t have a Facebook page.  As I ran past the window going up the stairs I could see him turning away.  It is my belief that he felt the chaotic energy coming from the house.  In my defense, I did have the presence of mind to thank him for coming.

In the days following the moose’s visit to our dooryard, I have thought a lot about how often I miss the moment. Perhaps I am thinking about the perfect quote that will go with the picture I am about to take, or how pretty this view will look on my website. Whatever plan I have for the thing that has captured my attention, more and more it seems to be about social network sharing.  It’s impossible to be present while doing this.

This wayward moose taught me some valuable lessons:

  • Be in the moment.
  • Enjoy what you have while it’s still here.
  • Having the experience is far better than having the picture.
  • When a moose comes to visit honor his presence by being present.

I never did get the picture. He was heading up the mountain when I finally found the camera. At least my husband had the full experience. Guess I learned something from my husband too.

The irony is not lost on me that this article will appear on a blog.  The photo is a stock photo.

Kelly McDermott-Burns

Kathleen Prasad

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  1. Karen
    January 23, 2018

    I’ve had the same thoughts myself. Excellent post, Kelly!

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