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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Liam’s Perfection

 Some rights reserved by Tambako the Jaguar
Some rights reserved by Tambako the Jaguar

Upon entering a bottle-feeding goat petting zoo area, a teeny- tiny lone white goat was curled up against a concrete post underneath a gazebo.   Immediately I was drawn to squat down beside him while my hands rested on my knees 5 inches apart to create a Reiki space.  Telepathically, I stated, “I’m creating a Reiki space.  You are welcome to join and take what you want and leave the rest.”  Within minutes, two black baby goats came up one-by-one to investigate my hands then each one chose to stand on the outside of my hands with their eyes closed known as a “Reiki nap”.  Slowly, I shifted my eyes to the lone goat who introduced himself as “Liam”.  Both of his eyes were crusted shut with a thick substance, yet I saw him as perfection.  He slowly stood up, carefully placed his feet, turned 180 degrees, and walked straight between my knees as he delicately centered his head between my hands.  Tears streamed down my face for although he could not physically see, he knew exactly how and where he wanted to go.  Our shared space transcended time, feeling absolute peace, love beyond words, a complete stillness….a pure energetic connection.

Less than five minutes of him joining me and his two black guardian goats, the crusty substance around his eyes began to loosen and one-by-one chunks fell to the ground.  It was interesting to note that when several other baby goats approached, the two black goats near my hands would wake up, gently guide them away, come back to stand guard with their eyes closed…all in a very respectful manner.

The four of us basked within this pure love space, diminishing our physical bodies to embrace our oneness of perfection of connections of our souls.  A sense of perfection beyond perfection enveloped us.  When Liam was finished, his eyes slowly opened to softly gaze into my eyes while his nose gently nudged my hands to thank me.  He walked back into his space to curl up…only this time he could physically see.

Curiously I looked up the meaning of “Liam” which means “helmet of will and protection”.

Camille Pukay
SARA Animal Reiki Teacher
Animal Reiki Divine, LLC

Kathleen Prasad

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