Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Logan Whispers

She finds humour in the stresses of humans and believes, If only you would meditate more!

I would like to share with you this amazing picture that captured Logan my animal companion in one of her many meditation states.  Yes, Logan meditates.  It is true, she almost makes it look effortless, propped up on the bow of the boat her eyes are closed and there is a stillness in her.  Questions within me start to arise when I studied this photo. What is it that she mediates about? Is there something I can learn from her?


I am blessed with the gift of an Animal teacher that whispers the words “you are loved” in my ear as we walked this path together. 

At the time I wasn’t even aware that I had been meditating. You see Logan and I use to spend our spring and summers planting tree’s all over Alberta and British Columbia. Basically I was given boxes of seedlings (small trees) and was in charge of planting an area that had recently been logged. After you planted 10,000 trees the job becomes a little monotonous, muscle memory kicks in and your mind is free to wonder. And my mind did wonder!  At one point I started to realise my mind was wondering a little too much and it was affecting the quality of the tree’s I had planted. So I started to focus more in the present moment and I would count in my head the steps I was taking before I planted a tree. 1..(step) 2 (step) 3 ( tree) 1..2…3 tree, 1…2..3..tree, 1 …2..3..tree.  Looking back now I realise this was a form of mediation. Nine hours a day sometimes 6 months out of the year the tree’s would go in the ground.. 1..2..3..tree, 1…2…3..tree… Gradually I connected to a place of expanded awareness where I was still counting, still focused in the present moment but also able to expand my awareness in a much wider scale.

Logan whispers

“I was there with you as you counted 1..2..3.. tree, 1..2..3..tree. I heard every step you took, I felt the focus and the expanded awareness and our connection to it all.  It was like home for me and I continue to wait in that space for you to rejoin me.  When you  notice  me sucking that special teddy bear and pushing my paws forward, I am counting ….1..2..3..( paw) 1…2…3..paw..  I am holding that expanded space. Remember? Meditate with me today and everyday”

Mediation is one of the 5 elements in the system of Reiki. Would you like to connect on a deeper level with your Animal companion? How about learning a few wonderful mediations that you and your animal can share together?

Sign up for an Animal Reiki workshop well supporting your local Shelter for more information on classes near you visit.

Kristy McGale
Animal Reiki Practitioner Teacher

Kathleen Prasad

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