Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Oh, Momma! Seriously?

MommaOne of the sweetest horses on the face of this earth is Momma, a fourteen year old Registered Thoroughbred. She was rescued from California in Oct 2009 by Kansas City, Missouri’s Changing Leads Equine Rescue which in turn rehabilitates horses for adoption.

She will often be very specific where she wants my hands on her to accept Animal Reiki. This particular day she backed into me to have my hands placed on her left hind end. Because I have worked with her multiple times, I’ve come to know that when she places her left hind end at a diagonal toward my hands, she wants me to rub my hands from her tailbone down to her knees following her muscle line. I always make sure this is exactly what she wants before I proceed.

Within a couple of minutes of rubbing her back leg while offering Animal Reiki, I “heard” Momma say “Now, chant HSZSN” (Reiki Symbol #3). This totally startled me because the more I work with Momma; the more our telepathic communication opens up between the two of us which delights both of us!

C: What? (She has never requested this before.)

M: Chant HSZSN while doing that.

C: Okay. (I started chanting silently.)

M: Out loud, please.

C: Oh, Momma….seriously? Out loud? What if someone walks in?

She turned and looked at me as she said “No worries. Just do it.” I swear she winked which made me think “Okay, she wants me to chant out loud but she’s winking too?”

After I softly chuckled at my thoughts, I began chanting HSZSN out loud while rubbing her backend. Within seconds, her head dropped inches to the ground and she fell into a deep Reiki nap. During this thirty minute session, in five minute intervals, she would wake up, take three steps forward, take a couple of deep breaths and back into me to start the process all over again.

Eventually a person did walk in, but I focused on Momma, knowing to trust the process of what she wanted. After thirty minutes, Momma turned around to face me, nuzzled my hands with her nose as she looked into my eyes to show me her appreciation. The lady that walked in smiled at me as she said, “I thought the radio was on, but it was you!”

I replied “It’s what Momma wanted me to do.”

“Cool”, said the lady.

Momma was right… “No worries…just do it!”

Camille Pukay
Animal Reiki Divine, LLC
SARA Teacher

Kathleen Prasad

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