Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

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SARA Featured in Redfin Article: “Adopting a Shelter Pet: Expert Advice to Prepare Your Home for Your New Furry Friend”

Adopting a shelter pet is an exciting and fulfilling experience. Not only will you be helping an animal in need of a loving home, you’ll be gaining a new family member. However, it’s important to pet-proof your home, get their space set up with the essentials, and do a little research before bringing home a rescue pet.

With Adopt a Shelter Pet Day just around the corner, Redfin decided to reach out to experts all across the country – from San Francisco, CA to Houston, TX (and even St. Catherines, ON) – for our best advice to help make the transition from shelter to forever home as seamless as possible for your new furry friend.

Be mindful of the energy in your home

Your home should evoke a sense of calmness and zen for your new pet. A few simple switches, such as decluttering to create a space for your pet or blocking off an area in your home for your pet to relax in, are great ways to create a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Always be mindful of your energy – animals are attracted to peaceful and calm people. An easy way to calm your energy and bring yourself into a peaceful state is to do some deep, gentle belly breaths in and out as you bring to mind the joy you feel having this animal in your life. Then repeat the mantra: You are safe, you are loved, all is well. Any time you sense anxiety from the animal, do this practice.  -Shelter Animal Reiki Association

You can read the full article over on the Redfin blog.

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