Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Reiki & Animals: A Life-Changing Journey

My interest in Reiki has truly been a journey – my Reiki Journey. Reiki and the idea of working with energy did not come naturally for me, but I was drawn to learn more. My husband, Alan, and I began studying Reiki in 2003 and, with the encouragement of our Reiki teacher Susan Cossette, completed our Reiki Master Teacher training in 2005. At this point, I still did not fully trust my capabilities, even though others did. I had not yet found my purpose with Reiki.

When we opened our pet treat bakery store, Two Paws Up Bakery LLC, Susan suggested the idea of offering and teaching Reiki for animals, but I procrastinated. One day a couple of years later, I opened a magazine directly to an ad for Animal Reiki Source. I felt inspired to call Kathleen and then register for her next Animal Reiki Workshop followed by many other classes. Kathleen’s Earth and Sky meditations helped me to ground and center myself, and offering Reiki to my own animals and others helped me open up and start feeling the power of Reiki. The animals guided me to a new phase with Reiki and helped me to realize that my purpose with Reiki is with animals!

Through this, I have also learned that my best teachers have been my animals – they have taught me some key lessons in life; they have taught me how to share Reiki with animals; and they have taught me to trust Reiki. My animal friends have guided me along an important path on my Reiki Journey and will continue to do so. As a member of SARA, my journey is expanding to new paths, and shelter animals and their caregivers will become my teachers too.

So as my journey continues with SARA, I will share a series of stories about the many animals in my life and the role they play in leading me on this wonderful journey of life and Reiki. And I hope that the Reiki we offer to the animals can serve as a gift of thanks for the many lessons that they teach us!

Ann Noyce

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