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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Reiki for a Newly Hatched Hawk

I went to the vet for the periodical vaccination for Kira. I could see that my vet was particularly tired, so I asked him if he was having a bad day and if there were any urgent cases he had to deal with. He said no, that he had a sleepless night as one of the hawks had just hatched and had no life signs.

Hawk newly hatched
Hawk newly hatched
My vet adores hawks and was very preoccupied as he didn’t know what to do. The hawk wasn’t eating nor drinking. So I asked him to send me the photo and said that I would work with Reiki for him.

My vet is still skeptical about Reiki, but the great thing about him is that he sent me the photo. I said I would start at 8pm, and I would contact him once I had finished. I connected with my guides, with the Light, and we worked. The wonderful thing about this work was that as I had no idea what was wrong I just abandoned myself to the One. The energy was flowing like a river stream and there was love everywhere.

After I was finished, I wrote to vet and he said that around 8:30 the hawk gave his first life signs and drank a little bit. Next morning the message from my vet was: “I am not saying anything, but….”

Hawk 2 days old
Hawk after 2 days
Hawk 4 days old
Hawk after 4 days (2nd from left)

The wonderful lesson I learned was that the more I abandon myself to the One, the more I act, always for the maximum best. It’s not always that easy, but you know this better than I do.

Joanna Pieczurkin
SARA Practitioner in Italy

Kathleen Prasad

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