Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

SARA Changed the Way I Approached and Taught Reiki

I was a Reiki practitioner for over 15 years before I heard about Kathleen and her work with animals. In 2008, I heard about Frans Stiene, and went to Virginia for a level three training with him. It was there that I heard about Kathleen. I followed up by contacting Kathleen and doing two conference call courses with her, and then completed a level three training in Brighthaven, which was a great experience. Both Kathleen and Franz really transformed my life, and the way I approached and taught Reiki. It was a really beautiful gift for me and re-energized my whole practice of Reiki.

In 2010 Kathleen invited me to assist in bringing SARA to a three-day veterinarian’s conference in Kentucky, where she made a wonderful presentation. People attending the conference overwhelmed us at the SARA table where we offered Reiki. A lot of this gave me the courage to volunteer at a local shelter, and begin the slow process of exposing them to the value of Reiki.

After many years with the consistent support of Kathleen, their monthly call-ins, supportive manuals, and incredible writing and availability, we have been able to make a breakthrough at our local shelter. Now two or three times a year, we offer a Reiki class to the volunteers and any staff members, with the full support and encouragement of the medical director. At these trainings, I suggest people make a $75 donation. This covers the cost of the manual, and I divide the balance between the shelter and the SARA organization. I just feel that this is my opportunity to show my appreciation for all that SARA has done, not only for me personally, but also for all the animals who find themselves in such a stress-filled environment.

So thanks for all that you do Kathy, and to Leah as well.

Bill Stevens
SARA Teacher

Leah D'Ambrosio

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