Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Sunday with Kaja

It was one of those easy Sundays, when you wake up slowly, with no need to finish any remaining tasks and just being grateful for everything, spending simply your time with your family, doing this and that and relaxing.

And then, suddenly, you get an afternoon phone call from your niece in Poland, who, crying, is telling you that she had just brought her female dog to the Emergency Vet Surgery in critical conditions: after their usual walk together, Kaja started to throw up blood and she was also bleeding from her anus. First diagnosis: the very hard poisoning and reserved prognosis as nobody knew how things would unfold.

So what do you do? As the first thing, you say to your niece to send Kaja thoughts full of love and to repeat her how much she loves her. And then – you connect with the energy, the strength and the balance of the earth becoming just the part of it. Then you just call all animals you know, you used to know and also the unknown ones that are ready and willing to help you. You start to feel their love, calmness and expansion, you find all those sensations within and you make them mix with the earth’s energy inside you. And after few minutes, when your mind is calm, when your person has just dissolved and you just make the part of the higher energy, pure and vibrant one – only then you connect with Kaja. In the very first moment you perceive, almost physically, a dark and heavy cloud around her, but you are aware that those are only worries and intensions of other people who love her, you know that this is only the surface and not the real situation, so you just go deeper inside yourself, passing through this kind of energy as if it was a thick and black mist. You accept its existence, but you also know that this is only the surface and that below it there is a place where all is well, where balance and love are present. You are able to reach this place thanks to the years of practicing Reiki with Animals that thought you, among various things, that it doesn’t matter what is happening on the surface, that the conditions of our physical body are not so important – there is, has always been and always will be a place in each of us where our spirit, an ancient wisdom and love are present. The long- time practice, during which you recognize and honor the animals, not only as your partners but as your guides as well.

So you reach this place inside you and you connect with Kaja’s energy and with the energy of the place. And, almost immediately, your own energy is multiplied and supported with the energy of all veterinarians present, with Kaja’s energy and of all other animals that came to support you.

You are all part of the omnipresent energy, of balance and love and there is no more difference between you and Kaja, nor doctors and other animals. All is just well.
You finish the session after almost an hour and you are just full of gratitude because you know that, regardless the physical outcome, the real healing has just occurred. And you go to sleep thanking all.

And the next morning your niece calls you again – Kaja is alive and she is coming back home. As always in these cases, you just feel an ocean of gratitude for all you have learned, for all you have perceived and for the wonderful heart – to heart connection with every animal and human.

With love and gratitude,

Joanna Amicucci
SARA Teacher

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