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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Robert the Chicken

That Chicken Is Choking!

Distraction can make us miss beautiful moments. We find peace and feel grounded when we take time to listen to animals and the sounds of nature. If we don’t devote quiet time with ourselves and animals, we won’t hear their lessons of loyalty, acceptance, or love. By being too busy, we may also miss their pleas for help.

During a recent visit to a sanctuary to share reiki with the resident animals, I chose a shady spot behind a barn for a meditation. It was far from all the animals but on this hot and humid day, I needed the coolness of shade for a few minutes. Within minutes, a sweet chicken named Robert passed a staff worker who was busy cleaning out their water troughs and came across the large field to me. I noticed what looked to be a blade of grass hanging over his beak. I watched him approach my shoe and rub his face across the canvas and then look up at me. At first I thought this was adorable that he used my shoe to try to remove that nuisance of grass. When he did it again, I realized he was struggling. I slowly reached out and tugged at the grass but was surprised to pull out a two foot weed half in his belly and stuck on his beak. This sweet little chicken Robert came to me for help! After I removed the grass he gently tapped my arm twice as if to thank me and then went back to his friends near the water trough and the busy staff worker who was cleaning it.

By getting down low on the ground, we are given the chance to see and hear what others may overlook. The staff is beyond wonderful in their care but they have mostly essential and basic needs to fill for all the animals. When we volunteer at shelters and sanctuaries, we have the time to sit, share reiki, and truly listen.

Robert the chicken showed me trust and gratitude and that I was paying attention in the present moment. I am not sure what would have happened if I was too busy to notice he was asking for help, but I am grateful for reiki giving us that moment together.

Kim Harrington
SARA Teacher

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