Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Getting the Resources to Start Teaching

I first started with human Reiki a while back, and after reading Kathleen’s first book, I immediately fell in love. I finally found a path that I could take to pursue deeper connections with animals, and that was because of Kathleen’s book. One thing led to another, and when I discovered the SARA book, I found a way to connect with a rescue that was close by. I was just amazed at how well written everything was. My first experience with Kathleen and Leah was the written word.

It helped my pets so much. But then I realized that it was way bigger than that. At first when I went to a shelter I think they put me in a corner because they weren’t sure what I was or what I was doing, but they entrusted me with their cats in the intake room. These were cats that were sick, scared, and first coming in. They were kept in these small, stacked metal crates. I found that Reiki was their brief hour of peace. You could tell that they were eating, I could see them drinking, and it just looked like their spirits were lifted. I knew that there was something to that, and it was all because of the book.

Once I joined SARA as a practitioner, it grew from there. After that I took Reiki III at Brighthaven, and again I resat at Care Foundation, and then when I was talking to Leah about being a teacher at SARA, it just felt right. I guess I’m a little bit slower paced. I really want to bring something that resonates with my heart and with SARA’s mission.

I found a farm, about an hour and a half away, and I just feel like we understood each other. It’s because of SARA, all the resources on the website, and all of the books that helped me. The personal support from SARA was so helpful. If I would email questions, you guys always get back to us so fast. I can tell that not only do you care about animals, but you also care about the people that work with them.

I wanted to work with the farm animals on my side of it, but first I started volunteering there, which actually made more sense. I was taking a backwards approach; I would contact them with a letter that you have prepared, which is wonderfully written. I appreciate all of those resources, because it really guided my direction and I felt like I was staying true to what SARA set forward and put into motion. I didn’t really want to stray from that because I felt like it was from the heart.

Right now, I’m just volunteering, but plans are going in motion to start teaching there over the summertime, and that’s really exciting for me. But my connections would not have been as strong if I hadn’t been volunteering there first, so I really feel like the community connection is so important with SARA, as well as with the animals. Even when I’m cleaning the stalls, or feeding them, I feel like, as we say, we can just be Reiki. So I can still offer Reiki to them even when I’m in motion. They can sit and chat with me because I don’t have to just stand or sit and offer Reiki. It seems to be really helping them.

I just can’t say enough about all of the resources, the books, the encouragement, and all of the time that has been put forth. It’s not about making money for us, as SARA practitioners and teachers. The animals should be our main focus. It’s also important if we can have those connections with the directors of the shelter or, even other staff and volunteers.

I’m just so grateful because I feel like I found my path because of you guys. Thank you Kathleen and thank you Leah so much.

Amber Shaner
SARA Teacher

Leah D'Ambrosio

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