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Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Reiki for a Calmer Ride

It was a cool, breezy spring morning on two fresh, bouncy Thoroughbreds. Instead of settling as we went along, my friend’s gelding became agitated – prancing, bucking and spooking. My friend’s attempts to settle him weren’t working. My mare was feeding off the other horse, becoming nervous and tense. I was beginning to worry the ride would not go well.

Quickly, I caught myself with “Just for today, I will not worry”. Reiki to the rescue! I began Hara breathing and set the intention to create a calming space for the four of us. I visualized calming energy radiating out to my mare and then to my friend and his horse. I invited the horses to join me in the space. Soon my mare relaxed and it looked as though my friend’s horse was settling, but he was still on edge.

We were riding along a creek through a beautiful hardwood forest. I visualized the calming and healing energy expanding throughout the woods. I felt our connection to the earth and its grounding energy through my mare’s hoofbeats. I remained focused on creating a calming, grounding space. After a while, my friend’s horse settled down.
For the remainder of the ride, I felt I was basking in a calming, peaceful, healing space. My mare seemed to be smiling and the horses were enjoying the ride as much as we were. The harmony of the horses, Reiki, the beauty of the forest and the connection to the earth was magical. What began as a tense and turbulent ride became one of the most peaceful I can remember. My heart was filled with gratitude and a strong connection to the universe as we ended our ride several hours later.

I usually share a Reiki meditation with my horse and others, if willing, before a ride, but this morning, I didn’t make time for it. No worries though, Reiki will always save us – if we just remember to “Be Reiki”!

Laura Thomas
SARA Teacher

Leah D'Ambrosio

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